'Ride that wave, wonder heart' aligns with art, individuals with purpose and collective, cross-inherent underpinning in the human-aspect, generating enriching connections in valuing unspoken, little heard dialogues. People exist as aware-attribute, often locally valued and as in everyday contributions have unique, individual identities embodying heart-felt soul-pursuit for: changing society, widened growth in knowing creationist concepts and forwarding that part of them self for others benefit.

Art and dialogue gives surface to two core awareness es: [the visual] an often less visible individual in a broader network & reflecting an essence relationship, connected to [conversation], that being the sitter as individual's concerned relationships in soul honesty, wanting voice-ship.

There is an important consciousness to the text phrase, and abbreved 'beauty' - the notion has affluence in collective awareness, pertaining to travel, voyage-awareness, seeking and challenging torment with shifts, excitements, deviations of higher and low, growth and recession - across life - loves, life-experiences & reality - expenditures. As a known wealth in resilient-guidance, lush excerpt & tandem breath - through the examination of soul-pursuit.. A wonder heart  has a lovely story to share. 

The SunHouse and Wave Studio is located at Casula, NSW where Erin interviews privately and with off-site visits to include personalities that she then photographs, shares in conversation with (active listening), and then collaborates with them giving creation to portraits and documented awareness in writing.


Erin Kathleen Muir is a professional artist practicing in NSW, Australia.


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